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As the leading company of sputtering targets supplier in China,Able Target Ltd can prodivide a large range of sputtering targets.Our standard target sizes range from 1″ to 8″ in diameter and from 2mm to 1/2″ thick,and we can also provide targets outside this range in addition to just about any size rectangular, annular, or oval target.

Materials are produced using hot press,smelting, HIP and crystallization, solid state and other ultra high purification processes such as sublimation.

Able Target Ltd specializes in producing custom compositions for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary technologies. Able Target Ltd also casts any of the rare earth metals and most other advanced materials into rod, bar or plate form, as well as other machined shapes and through other processes such as nanoparticles.

Other shapes are available by customer request ( )

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