Backing Plates

Backing Plates

Able Target Ltd can provide customers backing plate for target bonding service.


Oxygen-Free Copper – The most common backing plate material is oxygen-free copper. This readily available metal has good electrical and thermal characteristics while also being easy to machine. Copper backing plates can be re-used, with care, twenty times or more.

Molybdenum plate – For applications where copper is not appropriate, molybdenum may be substituted. For some materials, such as ceramics, or even metals made via powder metallurgy, the coefficient of expansion for copper is mismatched. For applications where a high temperature bond is required, copper may also oxidize badly or warp.

Reusing a Backing Plate

Most backing plates are reusable. If correct bonding agents are used, such as pure Indium, the process of recycling is relatively simple. Backing plates attached with epoxies typically have to be ground or machined back to a usable state

When we receive your old backing plate, we will de-bond the old target (if applicable) and do a complete inspection for flatness and seal surfaces. If any repairs are required you will be notified and provided with a quotation for the repair and updated shipping commitment (if applicable) for the finished target assembly.

Sizes and Shapes

Able Target  can easily bond most targets, in any size.

Copper and Stainless Steel Cups

We specialize in the use of this unique backing plate geometry for delicate ceramic targets ranging in size from 0.5” to 8”. The cup design provides good mechanical support for the brittle target on the back and around the edge. This improves both heat transfer to the cooling well of the cathode and increased mechanical integrity by providing a clamping point for the assembly which does not stress the target.

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