planer sputtering target and rotatable target

We have developed proprietary production processes for all these target materials.
Planar Sputtering Targets
Ag, Ag-alloys, Al, AlCu, AlSi, Bi, BiMn, Cr, Cu, CuAl, ITO, Mo, Nb, NiCr, Si,Sn, SnZn, SST, Ti, W, Zn, ZnAl, Zn , ZnSn, Zn-alloys, Zr
Rotatable Sputtering Targets
Ag, Al,  Cu, Mo, NiCr, Si, SiAl, Sn, SnZn, SST, Ti, AZO,Zn, ZnAl, ZnSn, Zn-alloys

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