Precious metal

Precious metal have many kinds of special performance, and can be used many kinds of condition. China rare metal material offer precious many years, and the quality are excellent and steady. About precious metals, we can offer tube,  wire,  powder, crucible, sputtering target, pellet, disk, foil, strip, silk… So if you have any inquire please let us know, we will be beside your side ASAP.
Precious Metal

Gold (Au)  Iridium (Ir)
Osmium (Os) Palladium (Pd) 
Platinum (Pt) Rhenium (Re)
Rhodium (Rh) Ruthenium (Ru)
Silver (Ag) \
Precious alloy
AuCu20 AuNi9 AuNi1.75 AuAg5Cu20.5
AuAg20Cu20 AuAg25 AuSn90 AuGe12
AuGe12Ag2 AuGe13Ag33 AuGe11.4Ni5 AuSi2
AuSb5 AuZn5 AuPd10 AuPd25
AuPt5 AgCu28 AgCu50 AgCu50In10
AgCu27In20 AgPd20 AgCu27Pd5 AgCu32Pd10
AgCu21Pd25 AgCu28Ni2 Agcu28In1.5Ni2 AgCu23In1.5Ni2.5
AgCu26Zn4 AgCu20Zn15 AgCu30Zn25 AgCu38Zn32
AgCu40Zn35 AgCu30Zn30In2 AgCu33Zn30In2 CuP6Ag2
CuP6.5Ag5 CuP5Ag15 PbIn5Ag2.5 PbSn5Ag2.5
SnAg4 SnAg10 SnAg3Cu0.5 SnSb10Ag4.5Ni2

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