Rods & Plates


Rods and Plates.

Able Target Limited casts any of the rare earth metals and most other advanced material into rod, bar or plate form, as well as other machined shapes.

All as-cast rods, bars and plates are produced from either the pure metal Ingots or sublimed metals. We have a variety of standard sized rod molds, from a minimum of 1/4″ diameter up to 3″ diameter for most rod needs.

Plates are also offered in standard thicknesses, from 1/8″ thick to 1″ thick. Maximum rod lengths and maximum plate sizes are dependent on melt capacity and furnace room. Small diameter rods may have only a 4″-6″ maximum cast length, whereas larger diameter rods may be cast up to about 16″ long. Plate sizes can be cast up to a size of 16″.

As-cast rods or plates are saw-cut to length or final dimensions, and the metal surface may have visible flow marks.

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