Seminconductor material

Semiconductor is the generic term for materials that have electrical conductivity between conductors and insulators . Of all elements, only a few can be used as semiconductor materials. Silicon, germanium, and selenium are examples of materials that are semiconductors. Among them, silicon has been and still is the most common semiconductor. It has widespread commercial applications and is readily available.

Compound semiconductors are semiconductors that are made from two or more elements.
Compound semoconductors not only can be used in crystals, it also be used by powder and ceramic. Able Target Limited offer many kinds of semonconductors materials in many forms powder, ceramic,crystal,sputtering targets,evaporation mateirals, wafer, substrate, windows, granule, lump, ingot.. Especially Able Target Limited offer compound semiconductors coating material (sputtering targets,evaporation materials).

 Able Target Limited offer semiconductor material for all the world. Now Able Target Limited not only offer single element semiconductor materials,but also we offer compound semiconductor materials.

Seminconductor material be used as thin film materisl of solar cell, thin film material of thermoelectricity, explore materials, infrared materials, medical science, military affairs field…

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