Able Target Ltd provide all kinds of Silicon materials such as silicon powder,silicon plate,ingot,sheet,and granules etc.

Materials specifications:

CAS#: 7440-21-3, m.p. 1410 °C, b.p. 2355 °C, Density 2.33 gm/cm3

Silicon powders
Bluish-white, very brittle, and low thermal and electrical conductivity.

High Purity Silicon powder, for glass plasma deposition
-325, -200, -100 mesh,Other sizes are available upon request.99.9%~99.999%

Silicon plates,ingot,sheet,and granules etc.

General sizes for industry and scientific research applications
For semiconductor, photoelectric applications,allso used to make polysilicon and high purity silicon dioxides.

Purity: 99.99~99.9999%

SiO2(silicon dioxide)

High Purity Silicon Dioxide Granules and target for optical coating such as Lens AR coating, Multilayer coating, Productive coating; DWDM, Dielectric coating
Particle Size: from 0.2-0.8 mm to 20-25 mm
Other sizes are available upon request.

Besides,Able Target Ltd can also provide SiC(silicon carbide) target and Si3N4(Silicon Nitride) target as customer request.

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