Sputtering Target Maintenance

Sputtering Target Maintenance

Ramp Rates

Power should be ramped up SLOWLY to avoid arcing. Typical ramp rates for oxides are 10 watts p/hour p/square inch of target surface. A reasonable ramp rate for non-refractory metal targets is 50 watts p/hour p/square inch of surface area.

We recommend a VERY CONSERVATIVE break-in for oxide targets. We typically ramp an oxide target, like ITO to 2.0 watts/cm² DC for at least one hour.

After the long hold, we then ramp at 2.0 watts/cm² per half-hour to the recommended maximum operating power density of 9.5 watts/cm².

We also recommend a maximum operating power density for metal targets of 22 watt/cm² of surface area. This number is very dependent upon the cooling efficiency of your sputtering system.

Refer to your systems Operation Manual for recommended chamber pressure settings during deposition

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