Target Bonding

Target Bonding

Nearly all PVD cathodes are water cooled. Depending on the requirements of the particular system and material you are using, your target material may have to be bonded to a copper, ss,molybdenum, or other metallic heat sink. The bonding process insures the thermal integrity of the interface between your system’s cooling assembly and the surface of the target, which experiences the most heat.

We strongly recommend that all ceramic sputtering targets be bonded.

Types of bonding(bonding materials)

There are two kinds of materials for bonding.

Indium metal

The most common target bond utilizes pure Indium metal as the bonding agent. This metal melts at 156o C which may limit the amount of power applied to a target during deposition

Silver Loaded

For applications that require a higher melting point than Indium, a silver loaded epoxy can be used.

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