Tellurides Ceramic Sputtering Targets

Able Target Limited provide any kind of ceramic sputtering targets for thin film coating materials and PVD & CVD coatings.

Tellurides Ceramic Sputtering Targets:Al2Te3,Bi2Te3, CdTe, CuTe, Ga2Te3, GeTe, PbTe, MoTe2, NbTe2, TaTe2, TmTe, WTe2, ZnTe
Other: AZO, Cr-SiO, CIGS, ITO, IGZO, GaAs, Ga-P, GaSb, In-Sb, InAs, InP, InSn, LSMO, Na3AlF6 , YBCO, LCMO, YSZ

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