Able Target produces a complete line of fully characterized tubes produced from advanced and high purity metals for use in industrial and research applications in the fields of electronics, energy, medical devices and aerospace among many others. Tubes can be further processed at the customer’s request to rings, washers, sleeves and sheaths.

Tube is produced from most metals including: Aluminum tubes, Bismuth tubes, Carbon tubes, Cerium tubes (as well as most other rare earths), Chromium tubes, Cobalt tubes, Copper tubes, Erbium tubes, Germanium tubes, Gold tubes, Indium tubes, Iron tubes, Magnesium tubes, Manganese tubes, Molybdenum tubes, Neodymium tubes, Nickel tubes, Niobium tubes, Ruthenium tubes, Silicon tubes, Silver tubes, Tin tubes, Titanium tubes, Tungsten tubes, Vanadium tubes, Yttrium tubes, Zinc tubes, and Zirconium tubes,etc.

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